Grab Bag Review



I’ve been wanting to participate in Made 4 Math Monday’s for a long time now but have often felt like I didn’t really have anything new to share.  Shelli (@druinok) encouraged me to just go for it… so here goes.

Week before last (yes, I’m that behind in my writing) we finished up a unit on Sequences and Series in my Algebra 2 academic class.  I really wanted to think of an idea to help my students review that didn’t involve a worksheet review.  We are using standards based grading, so individual stations came to mind but we had actually tried something similar (a QR code scavenger hunt) earlier and they just really didn’t get that into it.  (WHY?)  So – after much thought – I decided to try something different to get them motivated and up and about.  A grab bag review!

Here’s how it works.  I created a bunch of problems (started with about 48), cut them apart and threw them in a plastic bag.  I gave my students a chart with 12 slots to complete 12 problems.  The chart has a place for the problem number and a place for them to work.

Here are those files just in case you might want them.

Download (PDF, 70KB)

Here’s the link to the word doc:  Grab Bag Review.

I told them to find a partner and come pick a problem out of the bag.  Their task – complete the problem, check it with me and, if it was correct, then they could pick again. (I stashed the problem to the side once a pair completed it so they couldn’t trade problems. I learned that after the morning class!  But it does mean that I need more problems!)   Finish all 12 for a treat (believe it or not – only a few got through all 12 within our 45 minute period so I didn’t give out many treats.)  For treats I used some small cartoon shaped erasers, cool decorated pencils and a piece of bubble gum.  They were thrilled.  They worked like crazy and did pretty well on their assessment too!

So there it is… I’m sure I’m not the first to have that idea but I honestly can’t remember seeing it.  If I inadvertently stole it from you please let me know so I can give you credit!!


PS – I didn’t include the link to the recording doc – its a simple table with a place for the problem number and work for the problem.