Once a week blog…

So I recently blogged… mainly because my head was too full of things I couldn’t sort out but also because Annie Fetter (@MFAnnie) pushed me a little.

9512385457_1845cfcab3_qThen, without thinking about it much, I said – OUT LOUD on twitter – that I was going to blog once a week.  What was I thinking?

So… we’re at the end of week one of school for me so here’s the week one blog.

I had a really good summer – at least by my standards.  Didn’t really go anywhere but got lots done around the house so I didn’t get my usual – “UGH, I have to go back to school” blues.  I was as ready as I was going to get.

This summer we’ve had some construction going on in our school so many of the rooms weren’t ready on day 1.   That meant that day one back for teachers meant some short meetings and then hunting down various places in the school to work.  Honestly, it was kinda fun.  Forced folks to see each other and work together rather than hunker down in their rooms.

Week one also means lots of meetings and professional development here.  Our PD this year has been mainly focused on our fairly new learning management system, CANVASlogo_instructure.  I’ve been in on the pilot for a couple of years now and really like it.  The division has been great about rolling it out in a way that teachers aren’t feeling too stressed.  Because I’ve been in on it for a while, I did a lot of teaching this week.  It was great to see our teachers really excited about it.  Even those that weren’t super excited were at least not too stressed!  I’ve had lots of questions come my way and been thrilled to be able to answer most.  I also had the opportunity to work with one of my CTE colleagues that I don’t get to work with much.  WIN-WN

I finally got into my room on Friday and, like Sarah (@mathequalslove) I concentrated on just making it neat.  Kids arrive on Wednesday so I still have a couple of days to pretty it up!  Just have to steal some pretty ideas!

This year I’m teaching Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Honors – both of which I really love.
41ckcnLp1jL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_If you read my last entry you know I’m still using SBG and INB but hope to do more problem solving.  I have a student teacher from the University of VA and am working with three colleagues from my department on both courses.  I love collaborating with others and am super excited having so many folks to work with.   Three of us met today – yes, on a Sunday – and planned our first few days of Algebra 2.  The fun part – ALL about mindset and “Making it Stick”!  I’m a little nervous about it… very different from my usual day 1 … but also excited.

So – week one done.  Kids come this week (secretly can’t wait – hunted down some at pre-school band practice last week!)

The big question?  How long can I keep up this weekly blogging thing?
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