31 and counting…

Back to school backgroundSo today I officially started my 32nd year as a teacher.  I have said that, as long as I’m having fun and not exhibiting signs of losing my mind (no comments please), I’ll keep at it.  I’m hoping that someone lets me know before I’ve officially stayed too long at the party.

Even after 31 years, I still don’t sleep the night before the kids come and I still feel like I’m attending a great reunion of friends at the beginning of the pre-school work week.  I would definitely miss all the relationships I have with both kids and adults if I left.  I also really enjoy learning new things and am constantly searching out new opportunities to learn.  I’m sure I could search out those opportunities if I didn’t teach but they are always presenting themselves in my life as a teacher.  My fellow teachers know exactly what I mean here!

So, you might ask, what’s the problem… sounds great!  And it is great!  But, like almost anything, there is downside for me.  They say that the first step in solving a problem is admitting that you have one……..Here goes……006CFD531000044C-3512147-image-a-1_1459151551854

I say YES a lot and then find that I’m overwhelmed.  And, yes (there I go again), I’ve had 31 years to figure out how to NOT do that – so far I’m failing that learning target.

Its just not in my blood.  I’m a helper.  Its just who I am.  So the purpose of this blog post today….

  1.  To get these thoughts down – Shelli Temple, here you go.   Thanks for the push!


      2.  To ask for HELP!!  So, other than learning to say NO more, what kinds of things do you do to create better balance in your life?

What goals do you set for yourself that help you maintain your sanity?

What habits do you have that you find help you relax and not stress out?

Where do you draw the line and say …nope, I’m taking a break?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  I absolutely LOVE my job but I often say I wish it was less hectic.  Turning to my online PLC to help me find ways to make that happen.

Happy New School Year to all!