New Year – Same Goals

So, as I mentioned in my last post – this time last year – I’ve been at this a long time.  This is year 33.  I’ve consistently said that, when I stopped having fun, I’d leave.  Well, last year I didn’t have my normal crazy amount of fun. There were moments of joy.  I seriously love teaching but I was like this the majority of the year.   Running like crazy and completely overwhelmed!

Now, I really can’t blame anyone but myself.  You see, I have a problem – several actually.


  1.  I love to learn – so I tend to say YES to anything that remotely interests me.  Seriously… I’m crazy like that.
  2. I like to help – so anytime there seems to be something that needs to be done I decide to do it.
  3. I’m a perfectionist – so I can’t do anything halfway.  Which is also why I can only seem to write one blog post a year.

Now the question is, if I said I would leave when I wasn’t having fun anymore, why am I coming back?  Well  I just can’t leave on a bad note.  I need to retire on my own terms and when I feel like its time.  Its not yet.

So, my goals for this year really aren’t much different than the were last year.  Hopefully I’ll be more successful.

  1. Do MUCH less – now there is a certain amount that has to be done but not every lesson has to be a day in Disney World.  Not everything has to be perfect and I don’t need to revise something just for the sake of revising it.  
  2. When I have a choice, do ONLY what fills my SOUL – I’m cutting out those things that I felt burdened by last year.  
  3. And give myself the GRACE to be ok with saying No.  I can’t say it better than @mathequalslove said it in her post (please read it …it really says it all…My ONE GOAL for the 2017-2018 School Year.)

I’m hoping those goals will lead me back to what I love – collaborating with my colleagues and loving and teaching my kids.  I’m counting on all my friends to hold me accountable!  Help me out – PLEASE!!