Let’s just share…Rational Expressions Question Stack

Haven’t written a post in a while – most of the time I feel like I really don’t have much to write about.  I think I’m probably too critical of my own ideas.  Everyone else seems to have such great ideas and resources that I often think… “someone else has probably posted about that already” or “mine’s probably not that great – no one would want it.”

What’s different today?  Well, I’m working on getting back on twitter in hopes of pulling myself out of a bit of a slump AND I happened to read Julie Reulbach’s (@jreulbach) post on sharing resources and “that other site” (not naming it because I don’t what to give it any extra attention!)  One of the things that drew me to Twitter and that I still love is the fact that my fellow math tweeps are so willing to share and so kind – to people they have probably never met in person.  They just SHARE… because its nice and they truly want everyone to be successful.  How amazing!  Really… just awesome!!  Wouldn’t it be great if the whole world worked that way…



So, in an effort to give back a little I decided to do a short post and share a resource.  To be perfectly honest, this is just another form of a resource that another awesome math teacher shared on her blog.  Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove) posted about a question stack that she used in reviewing rational function operations.  Here’s her post.   I totally stole her idea and created my own that included some multiplying and dividing.  Thanks Sarah!

BTW – if you haven’t checked out both of these sites – GET THERE!  NOW!  They are amazing teachers with such creative and fun ideas!

Anyway… here’s my stack.  Feel free to use it, not use it whatever!  Sharing is caring!!


Question Stack – PDF

Question Stack – Doc

BTW – My kids loved this and thought it really helped them review!  Thanks for sharing Sarah!




  1. Oh! I just finished teaching this!! Thank you for the resource! Also, you should add rational functions to the title of your blog post so it will come up on search engines!

    Welcome back!! Julie

  2. … and oercommons.org is a place where lots of people are sharing.

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