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  4. 31 and counting… — August 16, 2016
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Feb 22

Let’s just share…Rational Expressions Question Stack

Haven’t written a post in a while – most of the time I feel like I really don’t have much to write about.  I think I’m probably too critical of my own ideas.  Everyone else seems to have such great ideas and resources that I often think… “someone else has probably posted about that already” …

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Aug 15

First Day Plans – Year 33

Its truly hard to believe that I’ve been teaching for 32 years.  First days still feel like those first days with the crazy school dream the night before and the excitement and apprehension before classes begin.  I’m sure this year will be no different. You’d also think that, after 32 years, I’d have this first …

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Aug 06

New Year – Same Goals

So, as I mentioned in my last post – this time last year – I’ve been at this a long time.  This is year 33.  I’ve consistently said that, when I stopped having fun, I’d leave.  Well, last year I didn’t have my normal crazy amount of fun. There were moments of joy.  I seriously …

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Aug 16

31 and counting…

So today I officially started my 32nd year as a teacher.  I have said that, as long as I’m having fun and not exhibiting signs of losing my mind (no comments please), I’ll keep at it.  I’m hoping that someone lets me know before I’ve officially stayed too long at the party. Even after 31 …

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Apr 14

Sum it Up! – Complex Numbers

I have been very lazy about blogging this year – even though I promised myself I would be better.  I seem to never feel that what I’m doing or the experience I’m having is really that interesting or different.  Lately though, I have run across a couple of activities that I found particularly successful for …

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Apr 07

Unexpected Win – Rational Expressions

I teach two levels of Algebra 2 – academic and honors.  The academic kids are just a little behind where my honors kids are currently – they just need a bit more time to absorb, practice and really pull all the concepts together.  So, as I was starting the rational expressions unit with my academic class, I …

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Mar 05

Can an activity be a success and failure at the same time?

The short answer – YES!   Now for the longer answer…. Anyone that’s taught Algebra 2 knows that the rational functions unit can be a challenge for students – “WHAT Fractions with letters in them!  You’ve got to be kidding me, Ms. Burke!  Do you really hate us this much?”   So we’re in the middle of …

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Oct 25

Domain and Range – $25,000 Pyramid Style

Anyone remember the $25,000 pyramid?  That show where one person faces the board of words or phrases and has to describe them well enough for the other person (facing away) to say the word.  This lesson is similar to that idea – only with graphs of functions! And yes, it was just as fun!! This …

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Oct 24

What do I make?

When I tell someone I’m a high school math teacher, usually one of two things happens.  They tell me how much they hated math and how bad they were at it or they make a comment about how they could “never do THAT JOB” and usually includes a look of pity..   I’m not especially …

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Sep 10

Algebra 2 SBG Learning Targets – Virginia Edition!

Ok… I’ve fallen off the “one blog post a week” bandwagon but hope to jump back on this weekend! In the meantime, I’ve had several folks ask for these so I thought  would go ahead and post them.  These were definitely a collaborative effort between several teachers at my school over several years (including Kate …

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