Category: Algebra 2

Completing the Square

Completing the Square always seems to be one of the toughest concepts for Algebra 2 kids to do and understand.  I always seem to be looking for a new way to tackle it with my kids. A few years ago I started with the vertex form of the equation – teaching the transformations and showing …

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Grab Bag Review

  I’ve been wanting to participate in Made 4 Math Monday’s for a long time now but have often felt like I didn’t really have anything new to share.  Shelli (@druinok) encouraged me to just go for it… so here goes. Week before last (yes, I’m that behind in my writing) we finished up a …

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Polynomial Division – Long, Synthetic or Boxes?

If you read my last post, then you know that the blog name here came out of a student comment made right after I finished a lesson that I was particularly excited about.  This is it!  While it might not seem like much here – trust me, I was excited.  I had that “ah-ha” moment …

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