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Jul 04

SBG – reflections, thoughts and questions

Full disclosure – this is a long post (even though I rewrote it to try to make it shorter!)  Much of it is me thinking out loud with some questions/thoughts at the end. Standards Based Grading as its looked for me so far…. Year 1 – Used in my Algebra 1 class.  The learning targets …

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Oct 16

Struggling with struggling…

There are lots of things that I’d like to teach kids besides how to complete the square or graph an exponential function.  Here’s what I’m thinking about right now… How do I help kids be “ok” with struggling and (even better) see the value in the struggle? I teach some incredibly gifted kids in Algebra …

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Oct 05


So, to be clear, I love what I do!  But, as with any job or calling or even hobby, sometimes you get frustrated.  This was one of those weeks. I teach two different “levels” of the same course – Algebra 2 academic and Algebra 2 honors.  As you can imagine, the academic level is for …

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